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Wat doen wij

Full service solutions for your company

We offer total solutions regarding your accounting
en ontzorgen u op fiscaal administratieve vlak

Tax advisory

Fiscal advise regarding:

  • your business activities; 
  • your current organizational structure;
  • valuation of your company;
  • your business plans for the future such as investments, converting the legal form of your company, possible acquisitions, etc. 

Financial accounting

  • all of your accounting services in one place;
  • we process the daily transactions and mutations for your organisation, we take care of your sales tax returns, corporate income tax returns, income tax retun, your payroll administration and more;
  • we offer total solutions to enable you on focussing on your core activities. 

Tax declaration

Submitting all relevant tax declarations relating to your company and the director shareholder, including:

  • income tax;
  • sales tax;
  • payroll tax
  • Corporate tax;
  • dividend tax;
  • gift and inheritance tax;
  • declaration of intra-community services;
  • EU VAT refund;
  • excise duties; and
  • eurovignette.

Payroll accounting

Complete payroll administration, including: 

  • employee remuneration;
  • payroll tax declaration;
  • pension declaration;
  • drafting employment contracts;
  • extension and notice of employment contract; and
  • file access via digital dossier for employer and employees.

Small & medium-sizedbusinesses

Supporting entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises including:

  • legal form of the company;
  • expansion and investments
  • sale of the company; and
  • transition to being an employer.

Expats & private persons

  • income tax declaration for expats and private individuals;
  • advice on attracting and selling real estate outside your own home (box 3 capital);
  • calculation and application with regard to the various allowances, including the childcare allowance, and more.

Foundations & Public benefit institutions

Guiding foundations and non-profit/public benefit organisations on:

  • processing daily mutations;
  • preparing and drawing up budgets for projects;
  • financial accountability for sponsors/donors; and
  • advice on organizational structure, management and supervisory board.

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